Five kids of different races are sitting at a table, designing an electronic toy car. The boy on the left is holding the car's base. The boy to his right is looking with the black girl at a tablet. The girl is holding a part of the car that has wires on it and the boy on the right is playing with a controller. There are car parts all over the table. Behind the students is a three-paneled window. You can see it is daytime and there are trees outside. On the right of the window are shelves.
To a Future STEM Superstar ⭐️
Hello Kid,
I’m not sure if we’ve met. If not, my name is Chrissy. I’m writing️ ✏️ to you about your future. Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?
You might have heard the word “STEM.” It stands for Science 🔬, Technology 🚀, Engineering ✈️, and Math 📉. If you want to be a space explorer, doctor, forensic scientist, biologist, or a computer whiz, studying STEM subjects in college can help you follow your dreams!
But did you know you can also study STEM subjects in college and still also follow other dreams, like being a comedian 😆, director 🎥, artist 🎨, or singer 🎤? It’s true! If you get a college degree in a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math subject, you can get a job using your skills and also enjoy working or volunteering as almost anything! Acting included! Many science or math professionals have bands 🎵, direct movies 🎥, or act 🎭!
With a STEM college degree, you can get a STEM job and use the money 💸 you earn to start your own projects in film, art, or anything!You might be wondering: “if I want to be an actor, singer, professional athlete, etc., why should I go to college or get a STEM degree?” 😕
The answer is: you will have a better chance of making good money with a STEM degree than without one. I recently bumped into one of my friends in college who earned a Dance degree. She had a low-paying job and had problems paying to get to dance auditions 🙁. Another friend of mine studied engineering in college and then worked as an engineer, saving money to pay for film equipment to produce her own documentary films. 😃 The STEM degree helped her follow her film dreams by allowing her to pay for what she needed.
If you hope to be a professional soccer player ⚽️, a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math degree may still be a great idea 💡. My classmate studied Information Systems (it’s a computer-focused subject) and was also on our university soccer team. After he graduated 🎓, he became a professional soccer player 😍! Sadly, he got injured 😢 after a year and had to quit. Lucky for him, he had a STEM degree so he had no problem finding a computer whiz job 💻 to pay bills 💸 and support his family 🏠.
You may even get a scholarship to pay for a STEM degree in college! Just work hard in all your classes, volunteer ❤️ if you can for a cause you care about (with the permission of a parent or guardian — volunteering with friends or family is fun!) and apply for scholarships in high school 🏫(usually during your 3rd year — high school lasts 4 years).
If people have told you “you’re too dumb,” don’t listen! 🔇 You can still try. I had a friend in college who said that her Teacher’s Assistant told her to drop her STEM classes because she was too dumb. 😕 She ended up working hard, getting tutoring from friends and online videos, and managed to graduate with a STEM degree! She currently works for a big company that makes computers! 😃
Are there any classes you are bad at now? 😳 If so, you may have to read the text 📖 you are assigned over and over 🔁 until you understand it. If it still makes no sense, ask for help! A guy I met who works for an important engineering company said “the best way to succeed as a scientist or engineer is to keep asking questions.” Hopefully, with help from your teachers, classmates, friends, other books, and/or online videos, you will be able to learn things that you can’t understand yet.
Some schools 🏫 and libraries 📚 even have after-school tutoring sessions to help you learn. Just try hard!
This is a lot to read, Kid, so thank you for reading it! I just wanted to let you know that I think you are smart and that you can be very successful at whatever you want! I encourage you to get a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math degree in college 🎓 so that you can have all these benefits:
- A well-paying job. 💸
- Money to use for fun projects and dreams. 😺
- The ability to qualify for many types of fun jobs! 🚀
You can do it! I wish you all the best, You Future STEM Superstar ⭐️!
Your friend,
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