How to Set Up a High Frequency (HF) Radio Station
There's something romantic about using a technology that transforms your communication into radio waves that leave your antenna, travel the world, and land at another amateur radio operator ("ham") station.
I wrote this book to help anyone interested in setting up a High Frequency radio station.
From the Cover of Both Color and Black-and-White Editions
Ever wonder what you need to set up a radio station?
In this brief, easy-to-follow guide, Chrissy goes over everything you need to get up and running, including:
- Design Details
- Supplies Needed
- How to Solder
- Installation Steps
- Troubleshooting Tips
The setup described in this book was used to communicate with amateur radio operators from over 100 countries within a year.
You, too, can have fun on the air with your own radio station!
In the News (Many Thanks!)
How to Set Up a High Frequency (HF) Radio Station was featured on the  ICQ / Ham Radio Podcast, Episode 391.
The book featured on the Fred & Barrel Book Publisher page.
 The book's info was shared on New York's Kings County Radio Club Facebook page.
Join the adventures of a guy named Guy.
This is my semi-autobiography.
Guy, a handsome architecture student on his school’s tennis team, is tired of going through everyday movements without fully living. One day he decides to hide in a man’s pickup truck that is filled with hay. At a gas station far away, Guy hops off and lets his caprice take him wherever he is destined. 
However, will this random trip take him too far from Baltimore and reality?
You're probably wondering: how can this story about a guy be autobiographical, Chrissy? Alright, I'll admit, I didn't do everything in the book, like wrestle a bear, but nevertheless, the book captures my college years pretty well.
For more info, check out: Guy on Amazon / Guy on Nook / Guy's Facebook page

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