A bald eagle soaring in the blue sky, above trees.

Hunters can save bald eagles by using non-lead ammunition when hunting.

Hunters: Use Lead-Free Ammo to Save Bald Eagles
Thousands of bald eagles die of lead poisoning when they eat the remains of game that hunters killed using lead ammunition.
The lead eventually paralyzes the bald eagles and renders them unable to eat. As a result, many starve to death. The following site claims that most US eagles suffer from lead poisoning: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/article/bald-eagles-golden-eagles-lead-poisoning-ammunition
Many hunters do not realize the harm that lead ammunition causes to wildlife. However, there is a simple two-point solution to save the eagles:
- Use lead-free ammunition for hunting.
- Spread the word so that other hunters also go lead-free for hunting.
Non-lead ammo is not hard to find. Check out my article on medium.com for a PDF containing many lead-free options.
Thank you for caring about wildlife and for keeping our bald eagles safe.
You can listen to this article at medium.com.

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